Posted on 4 March 2020

Blood Donors

PT. Miwon Indonesia on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 has been done one of the companys CSR program is a humanitarian activity in the form of Blood Donor employees of PT. Miwon Indonesia group, at the head office of Jakarta. As is known for the blood donor activities of group employees other than done in Jakarta has also been routinely implemented in PT. Miwon Indonesia (Factory) Surabaya.

In the implementation of the activities that took place in PT. Miwon Indonesia Jakarta, located at Jl.Perintis Kemerdekaan 1-3 Pulogadung, the Company in cooperation with the Jakarta Red Cross Jakarta branch as the authorized party in the supply and supply of blood supply for patients in need. The blood donor activities at head office / Jakarta have been conducted for the umpteenth time, followed by more than 75 employees / employee Company.

The enthusiasm of employees for these humanitarian activities continues to increase over time. As a gesture of thanks to donors, the company provided a memento of one Polo Shirt themed Blood Donor activity. Looks at the atmosphere when the activity is quite lively, see you again in the same activity in the coming period.